Our first Friendship of the Month

A lady and a girl

Our first Friendship of the Month is Nina and Beryl. Four-year-old Nina lives in London and loves dancing, baking and dressing-up. Her and mum Karla loved being involved in our previous project Hand In Hand Together so much that they became founder members (and models!) for Crafting Connections.

Beryl is a resident at Summerdale Court Care Home in east London, who believes that an important part of being a friend is honesty – “like if your hair isn’t right or your outfit. Someone that will let you know and you can let them know”. Beryl makes an appearance in the first Crafting Connections pack so keep an eye out for her 👀

Nina and Beryl have been partnered up and are now looking forward to swapping artwork and getting to know each other over the coming months.

Who will YOUR new friend be? 😍

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