For Parents/Guardians

Why get involved?

"My Grandma was in a care home and I know how much she would have loved this! My girls love arts and crafts and to give them a purpose and an audience for their creations is just amazing! They are loving finding out about Marlene and waiting for post too!
A boy holding a drawing

Be part of the heartwarming charity project spreading happiness across the UK

⭐ Have fun

⭐ Get creative

⭐ Reduce loneliness

"It was such a lovely surprise to receive the artwork from my new kiddywink. It made my day”
Care home, resident

What’s in the packs?

Crafting Connections pack content

Each month your child will receive:

  • Six-sided fun-filled info sheet with the Artwork Challenge and questionnaire to complete
  • Older people’s wisdom on our monthly theme
  • Arts & crafts goodies and ideas
  • Return postage label
  • Their new older friend’s artwork and completed questionnaire (from month 2 onwards) 

In month 1, they’ll receive a Friendship Folder to store their friend’s masterpieces 😍

"I decided to join Crafting Connections as I was looking for activities to do with my child and wanted those activities to have a positive impact on the community"