For Relatives

Nominate a care home

Do you have a relative in a care home that would benefit from signing up to Crafting Connections

Why not nominate them below? It couldn’t be easier, leave your details and the name of the home you’d like to nominate, and we’ll be in touch.

Residents at care home enjoying Crafting Connections as a group activity

Support our life changing work – a donation of £10 per month funds Crafting Connections for as many residents as a care home requires

For care home residents, Crafting Connections brightens up their day, spreads joy and gives arts & crafts a purpose.

For children it develops their artistic, creative and language skills, whilst learning kindness, empathy and compassion.

We’d love to have your relatives on board – we have little ones who can’t wait to make friends!

"The residents enjoy receiving the wonderful work the children do for them and building up a friendship. When the residents look at the pictures, and photos, it makes their day. When they make pictures for their Crafting Connection friends it gives them a purpose. It is an amazing project that has become a big part of our residents’ life."
Sharon Lewis
Activities Coordinator