The arts & crafts exchange pairing children with older adults receiving care to give 3 HITS OF HAPPY
every month.

Crafting Connections

"This crafting pack was absolutely fantastic! We had so much fun creating together for our new friend"
Sue Grace
Marcea's mum


Repeat each month and feel the JOY

A mum and daughter

#1 Happy Hit

CREATE a unique piece of artwork for your new friend (they’ll do the same)

#2 Happy Hit

FEEL GOOD as you post it, knowing you’re making a difference

#3 Happy Hit

SMILE when your friend’s artwork drops through your door

What are the benefits?

For children

  • Places value on older generations
  • Develops artistic, creative and language skills
  • Teaches kindness, empathy and compassion
  • Post and goodies every month (kids love post!)

For older people

  • Reduces loneliness and social isolation
  • Feel-good factor of contributing to a child’s development
  • An enriching, engaging activity with a purpose
  • Builds a keepsake of memories as the friendship grows
"Initially I just wanted to help someone else...but now I realise the benefits for my child as well...he really does want to make Mary happy with his creations"

How it works

1 Sign up and be matched with an older person

2 Receive your pack and start creating (they’ll be doing the same!)

3 Send your artwork to us

4 Receive your friend’s masterpiece and your next pack

5 Continue each month and watch the friendship blossom

"A meaningful craft activity to do with my little one that will bring joy to someone's life"

Meet our ambassador

Award-winning children’s illustrator and author Nick Sharratt is our Crafting Connections ambassador.  Watch the amazing video he created just for us! 

Nick Sharratt


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Come and join the Crafting Connections community! Places are limited each month, so don’t delay…

children posting a letter