❤️Friendship of the Month – Eric and Saskia 👴👧🏽

This month’s pal pairing is Eric (age 80) and Saskia (age 3).

After a few months of a flourishing friendship, Eric and Saskia have shared plenty of crafts (there’s been crowns 👑, friendship bracelets🧶, flags and superhero masks 🦸). 

Last month, Eric and Saskia exchanged their friendship questionnaire, which included a question on how they’d care for someone who didn’t feel their best.

All we can say is that if we’re ever under the weather with a sniffly nose👃and sore head 🤕, we could only hope to be looked after by these two.

Saskia would grab the Calpol and fruit 🍊. Then watch TV 📺 with us. She’d give us kisses 😘 and cuddles and draw a picture ✍️.

Meanwhile, Eric would take us for a trip out ⛅, spend a day in 💤 AND buy us chocolates! 🍫

Take a read through the rest of their answers…

And here’s Eric’s and Saskia’s superhero masks which they exchanged in the post along with their questionnaires.


You may remember Eric and Saskia from their Zoom meet up (they’re the first Crafting Connections pair to meet face-to-virtual-face). And if you don’t remember, you can read all about that this way >>> A Friendship Between 80-year-old Eric and 3-year-old Saskia – The First Meeting (🐔 🐎 🤸) – or watch the video below.



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