A Friendship Between 80-year-old Eric and 3-year-old Saskia – The First Meeting (🐔 🐎 🤸)


Eric, aged 80 – ex-bricklayer 🧱, fan of the pub 🍺. Saskia aged 3 – animal lover 🐶, gymnast 🤸.

Like crayons and watercolours, cross-stitch and two left thumbs, you might not *think* they’d have a lot in common. 

But, as it turns out, they do. 

Like swimming and an appreciation of exotic marine life, colourful flowers and small dogs (Eric has two Bedlington Terriers, a little like the ones below).



And do you know… Eric and Saskia have formed quite a beautiful friendship.

Over the course of many months, Eric and Saskia have been seriously busy – painting, creating, colouring and answering questions about themselves – getting to know one another long-distance, via post, through Crafting Connections.

So, seeing as International Friendship Day was fast approaching, we thought it was high time they met.

And on Sunday 24th July 2022, they did.

Here’s how it went.



Eric and Saskia – BFFs – The Meeting

Eric and Saskia had planned to meet face-to-face. Jenni (Saskia’s mum), was ready to drive the four hours to Eric – who lives at Hazelgrove Court Care Home in Saltburn-by-the-Sea 🚗💨

Then, COVID-19 😖

Eric had had close contact with someone with COVID.

But never deterred, we switched to Zoom 💻. And the call had it all – including a horse called monkey 🐎🐵 and impromptu sofa gymnastics 🛋️🤸. During 30 minutes, Saskia brought the energy and the chuckles, Eric reminisced and shared plenty of pearls of wisdom (we’re not crying, you are!).



“I really love being part of Crafting Connections and it has been amazing getting to know Saskia through the questionnaire and pictures. Now that I have met her properly through Zoom it means so much to me” – Eric

The crafts and activities that led up to the meeting have been fun filled and action packed.

Saskia has coloured in a flag 🎌, created a crown 👑, and woven a friendship bracelet🧶for Eric (to name but a few). Meanwhile, Eric has designed a flag celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 👸 and created a superhero mask for Saskia 🦸.



We just know that this friendship is one that will continue to blossom.


“The ethos of Crafting Connections is one we hold very close to our hearts. Bringing generations  together to share and communicate in creative ways has been such a pleasure in our home. Saskia looks forward to the envelope every month and takes great joy in sending her new friend Eric  something special” – Jenni, Saskia’s Mum


Crafting Connections has formed 90 friendships so far – boosting the well being and mental health of older people, while younger people are developing their creativity as well as their appreciation for all that older generations can bring to their world.



Big People – Ready for Your Child to Meet Their Eric?

Crafting Connections brings benefits such as kids:

  • Learning the value of older generations
  • Developing artistic, creative and language skills
  • Teaches kindness, empathy and compassion
  • Posting and receiving goodies every month (kids love post!)

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Care Home Coordinators – There Are New Friends Who Await Your Residents

Care Home Managers, Activity Coordinators, your residents could benefit from:

  • Reduced loneliness and social isolation
  • The feel-good factor of contributing to a child’s development
  • Enjoying an enriching, engaging activity with purpose
  • Building a keepsake of memories as the friendship grows

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