What. A. Week. (Eeek!)

It’s all good 🥳INCREDIBLE🥳 news however, as all of the above happened on Rob and Josh’s parenting podcast ‘Parenting Hell’, when they gave Crafting Connections a shout out! 📣


The podcast is Rob’s and Josh’s unfiltered take on parenting which started up because of the trials and tribulations of parenting through lockdown. We’re sure some of us felt the 🔥fiery depths of hell 🔥 with home-schooling, lockdown babies, and/or bored kiddies! Speaking  personally, we ran out of rainy day activities on day 1 of 84625.


You’ll hear us mentioned on the podcast from 48:07 onwards in S04:EP37 – a little warning – *might* not be suitable for little ears – there’s a few swears (ok, MANY swears 🤬🤬🤬).


Listen to the podcast

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