🍔Burgers and Happy Face Stickers Making a Little Face Happy😊

The first Crafting Connections pack that we send asks participants to create a self-portrait to post to their new friend.

For Skyler and Robyn, their new friend is Christopher (A.K.A Crips-topser, according to Skyler). And they’ve been busy 🖌️ drawing pictures of themselves and answering their very first friendship questionnaire 📝. Here’s how it went…


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Got Something to Share with Us?

We LOVE 😍 to see the work that goes into the creations that will soon brighten an older person’s day. 

Tell us all about it, by email – hello@craftingconnections.org.uk or show us on social media #craftingconnections – tag @together_proj on Twitter and Instagram or ‘The Together Project’ on Facebook. Who knows, this time next month you could be published on this very page.

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