Return Envelope

What to send in your return envelope

You’re welcome to send other mementoes of your child to their new friend alongside each month’s completed artwork and questionnaire.

This could be:

  • Photos
  • Other artwork
  • Letters
  • Cards, e.g. seasonal greetings, or when your friend’s birthday is approaching

Please do not send:

  • Identifiable personal data, such as your address, phone number or name of your child’s school
  • Cash, cheques or other gifts with a financial value
  • Anything edible or perishable
  • Anything that makes the total package heavier than 100g, otherwise our postage costs increase

Just so you know, we vet all submissions from children and care homes for safeguarding purposes.

a girl with mother opening an envelope

Any questions? Drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to help.